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Purpose of the Job:

In the context of Product Engineering development, a Vibroacoustic engineer will participate in project/offer development through the application of internal procedures including Vibroacoustic management of projects, standard Vibroacoustic simulation and measurements of Rolling Stock and Components.

In case of assignment to R&D tasks, he will be in charge of the development of methodologies and technologies related to Vibroacoustics of Rolling Stock and Components.

Position in the Organisation

Organisation Reporting:

Hierarchical: to Acoustic Chief Engineer/Acoustics CCN Leader for engineers based in Central Engineering.

Hierarchical: to TDE for engineers based in integrator sites and component sites.

Functional: to Acoustic Chief engineer/Acoustic CCN Leader, PrEM and Technical Bid Engineering Manager

Network & Links

Acoustics CCN network

Site Projects team

Engineering team



Projects main missions:

To apply the Vibroacoustic Engineering Instructions and guidelines to perform the project/offers tasks.

To perform the Vibroacoustic analysis of tenders by comparison with referent solutions and previous projects.

To Prepare the Vibroacoustic specifications and Vibroacoustic Management Plan (VAMP) to be applied in projects.

To choose the most efficient way to perform the allocation (experimental/numerical), verification and validation during tender and project phase.

To allocate the different noise sources and train assemblies through the use of AT standard methodologies.

To perform standard Vibroacoustics tests, to postprocess the data and report to validate prediction models and type tests.

To perform standard Vibroacoustic simulations for exterior noise and interior noise using inhouse developed tools.

To liaise with the Acoustic Chief Engineer to validate Management Plan, allocations and risks.

To liaise with experts in key domains to obtain the necessary data to perform the allocation.

To liaise with acoustic engineers in other sites and to use AT Vibroacoustic databases to obtain the necessary REX to perform the allocations.

To capture the Vibroacoustic REX of projects through the use of AT Vibroacoustic databases.


R&D main missions (if assigned to R&D missions):

To lead and manage R&D actions in the context of product improvement and/or methodologies for Vibroacoustics for Rolling Stock.

This includes management of resources and budget respecting the quality, cost and delay of R&D deliverables.

To develop innovative methodologies to be applied as a standard in the design process of rolling stock.


Job Specifications

Knowledge & Experience :

Engineering degree (BSc/MSc) or physicist with specialization in Vibroacoustics, acoustics, vibration, NVH.

More than 2 years of experience in a Vibroacoustic department in automotive / aeronautics / railway / building sector and more than 5 years of experience to lead R&D missions.

Matlab standard level, MS Excel advanced level (if working in R&D Matlab advanced level is required).

Vibroacoustic testing and postprocessing with multichannel systems (B&K Pulse/LMS TestLab or similar) including noise & vibration measurements in operating conditions and Vibroacoustic transfer functions (mobility, pressure/force,…).

For R&D missions, management skills to lead R&D actions with a transversal approach will be needed.

Good communication skills.

English conversational/writing/reading advanced level commendatory.

French conversational/reading advanced level is preferred.