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Purpose of the Job

All Projects: supervises and validates sub-system selection

Project he is in charge of: manages project development with supplier and customer (TSE-TDE-TCE)

Product development: Adds products to the catalogue (development with suppliers)


Position in the Organisation

Organisation Reporting

Hierarchically to Technical Team Manager (TTM)

Functionally to Project / Sub-System Manager during project duration


Network & Links

Project or Sub-System Manager; Project X Managers (PrXM),

Train X Engineers (TxE), PrRAMSM, Site Engineering Planning Manager, Site Engineering Quality Manager, complete engineering project team

Engineering Metier Leaders

Leading Unit / Participating Units PrEM(s)

Customer technical representatives

TSS Metiers Newtork

Sourcing (Lead Buyer , Buyers)



Performance Measurement/KPI’s

Connector fulfilled with gap analysis – WBS



Project Engineering :

Ensures that Catalog product and catalog process is fully applied in project with appropriate tools (Connector, costing tool…)

Prepares DR with suppliers (sub-system/product level) or with TSE (train/product integration level)

nsures the quality of the deliverables (TSS E & Suppliers)

Manages the technical Sub-System PSLI/RAMP

Ensures that standard key design rules are applied with Platform and Sourcing colleagues.

Ensures that the Metiers tools are well applied (connector, costing tool, DRCL ….)

Supports the sites if requested on critical technical issues

Reports the progress of the project (meetings, weekly/regular report) and

Is in charge to follow its workpackage  and budget


Tender Phase:

Jointly with BTM/TSE fill in “Entry “connector” and issues Exit “connector

Defines the relevant product with gap analysis on the connector

Jointly with the TSE prepares the technical assessment for Business Award

Issues the technical description of the solution proposed to the Customer


Project Phase:

Assists TSE in filling in “Entry “connector” and issues Exit “connector” (Connector RSAD1).

Confirms the product selection or not based on gap analysis (connector 0 to connector 1)

Confirms the catalog product reference

Drives technical   development of the product until GFV  in close relationship with suppliers if it is a catalog product  according to the WBS

Product Engineerin

May on demand, manage some R&D Work packages


When he is the owner of a TSS E Product/Architecture:

Proposes yearly Sustaining Plan for the said Product or Architecture (Second Source, Management of Obsolescence, Redesign to Cost, New development)

Drives the plan which has been agreed for the

Ensures the catalogue up to date about technical performance and quality performance

Collects and formalizes return of experience on solution

Problems Solving

Is asked by the TSE to address issues on local projects after GFV


Educational Requirements and skills:

Engineer degree

Minimum 2 years’ experience on product development

Fluent English

Able to work in a team and share easily work result