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The CMCC is taking into consideration the possibility to hire a talented, motivated and proactive _ Scientist to support CSP division within CLINT EU project activities.

This job announcement is a public invitation to express interest for the above mentioned CMCC Position.

The location is CMCC Climate Simulations and Predictions in Bologna, Italy.

The primary purposes for this position is to improve Climate Science in the detection of Extreme Events (EE), including tropical cyclones, heatwaves and warm nights as part of the activities of the EU CLINT (CLIMATE INTELLIGENCE) project. The CLINT project aims to put forward innovative techniques for detection, causation and attribution of EE by applying AI and ML algorithms to big datasets (e.g. Copernicus Climate Data Store, CDS) for: (1) identifying and analysing unforeseen connections and relationships between EE and large-scale climatological fields; (2) inferring and quantifying their causal interdependencies and the underlying physical mechanisms involved in EE, concurrent EE and compound events; (3) generating sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts (S2S) of EE working with potential lag times between the detected large-scale fields and the associated EE; (4) detecting human fingerprints and quantifying future changes in the causal links between large-scale fields and EE. The approach will be based on the application of ML-lens onto existing detection techniques/indices, in order to expand current knowledge on the complex relationships between EE and large-scale fields. The project will focus on different classes of EE: tropical cyclones, heatwaves and warm nights, and extreme droughts, also considering compound events and concurrent EE, with the aim to facilitate their investigation with different datasets and time horizons, including observational-based products, S2S forecasts and long-term (centennial) climate projections provided by the Copernicus CDS.

The desired qualifications are:

  • a PhD in scientific disciplines related to climate dynamics, possibly dealing with numerical modelling and/or extreme events;
  • minimum of 2 years working experience after the PhD;
  • very good knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and skills in programming language (i.e Python and Fortran);
  • very good knowledge of the English language;
  • Previous experience in climate modelling and handling of huge climate data-sets;
  • Experience with the application of ML and AI techniques to climate data analysis;
  • Proven publication track record, will be particularly valued;

The initial appointment is for 24 months starting from June 2021 at an annual salary ranging from 28-42 kEuros for Post Doc position and 33-56 kEuros for junior scientist and 40-60K Euros for scientist, comprehensive of benefits, depending on qualification and experience.

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