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Performance Measurement

In tender:
o on-time delivery of all tender deliverables requested to fulfill RFP requirements,
o On time delivery of schedule analysis for decisions by the Tender Team : critical path, compliance with tender strategy related to contractual milestones, planning risks, mitigation plan and list of ambitions.
In tender, to prepare engineering schedule with métiers managers and pre-project team with Bid technical Manager hypothesis
In R&D and Project, to update and consolidate engineering schedule, to ensure constency with overall project schedule, to survey blocking points, to propose solutions in order to respect the committed schedule.
In contract or program:
o baseline approved (internally and by the Customer) and managed,
o regular and consistent scheduling updates, with potential delays analysis and actions plans proposed to the project team,
o on time delivery of KPIs (OTD, documentation, Gate Reviews GO on time, sales, cash, …).


In tender:
• Analyse the schedule management requirements of the Customer (contractual tool, schedule structure, reporting constraints,…),
• Define tender preparation schedule and monitor until the submission of the tender,
• Detail the tender schedule based on Reference Library templates, gap analysis, Metiers commitments, and PSO, PDO & PIO tender strategy,
• Highlight the critical path and risks linked to the schedule and propose the optimisation &
mitigation ctions,

Propose a strategy as regard to the compliance with the contractual requirements,
• Participate to the definition of the schedule interfaces with the partners and the Customer,
• Deliver on time all schedule deliverables down to the requested level,
• Estimate the cost of Scheduling management effort.

In contract or program:

• Define and maintain the Project Time Management Plan, with respect and as a complement to any Project Time Management Plans of higher rank, and Project Management Plan,
• In case of a multi-Unit project, the lead Unit PrPM co-ordinates the project scheduling community (meetings, MoM…),
• Detail and update the project schedule based on the contractual targets and data provided by all stakeholders,
• Propose the project baseline,
• Ensure the consistency of all the internal and external Stakeholders commitments, and manages the schedules interfaces,
• Organise and lead periodic Project Schedule Sessions,
• Participate to project core team meetings (and/or Schedule management meeting of higher rank),
• Provide a timely updated schedule situation highlighting the gap between the actual and the baseline,
• Focus on early identification of potential delays,
• Prepare schedule and progress reports for Customer or Lead Unit or Partners,
• Provide support to Project Manager on all issues related to projects schedule,
• For Reference Library, develop and maintain the schedule templates,

Knowledge & Experience
• Project management and industrial backgrounds,
• Good overall knowledge of railway products and systems,
• Good Communications and interpersonal skills, excellent team worker as they work with a large network,
• Conflict management and multi-tasking,
• Be able to challenge project team and highly proactive in proposing solutions.
• Ability to juggle with schedules and changing project goals.
• Able to think critically and using good judgment