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As a Design Layout Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of new memory products through new circuit Layout and Layout verification

Contribute to the development of new leading edge semiconductor memory products

This position is being offered in Avezzano

Responsibilities and Duties include, but not limited to:
Contribute to the development of new memory products by assisting with the overall layout, and optimization of memory circuits

Perform DRC to ensure blocks conform to quality standards

Perform layout versus schematic verification of major blocks

Contribute to the overall success of the layout team

Qualifications and Skills include, but not limited to:
Have the ability to work in team

Be result oriented, continuous improvement attitude

Be proactive, self-motivated

Basic knowledge of electronic circuit

high school Diploma, bachelor in electronic engineer or computer science

Additional Job Description
Directs the activities and operation of the computer-aided design department. Selects and monitors vendor support for CAD engineers to ensure state-of-the-art applications and equipment by expansion of systems and linkage to automated test equipment. Oversees enhancement of software to company standards and practices, promotes expansion of applications for users. Manages engineers developing CAD systems for internal use. Monitors those who maintain the system and provides advice regarding problem areas and corrective action to be taken. Schedules systems usage and job flow. Coordinates with design engineering to complete projects. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.