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Bologna, Firenze, Bari, Roma

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The Jr. Software Engineer is responsible for :

  • Coding of modules for SIL4\SIL0 software.
  • Produces detailed software documentation.
  • Development of software specification (including safety algorithms) and software architecture in collaboration with the Software Architect.
  • Prepare and execute module test and verification of the developed software (“Designer test”) before the formal execution of test performed by the V&V team.
  • Support SW/SW and SW/HW integration test. SW/HW integration tests performed together with the Hardware designer.
  • Applies the Alstom Software process and standards for the development of Software for SIL4\SIL0.
  • Put under configuration control the Software product in accordance with the Configuration Plan.
  • Verifies the compliance with coding rules.

We require:

  • Degree in Electronic/Software Engineering or equivalent
  • Knowledge of the following programming languages: C, C++
  • Knowledge of Linux Operating Systems
  • Knowledge of MISRA guidelines.