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Purpose of the Job

To guarantee the harnesses design and their routing integration inside the different products (traction system, electrical cubicle, power module & switchgear) by following the design rules, the respect of the product feasibility, the norms rules, and by the respect of the Alstom development process (DFQ).


To guarantee the application of electrical and schematic métier rules

To take into account the REX, the norms and the contract requirements into the deliverables

To realize the deliverables by taking account of the Schematics & Apparatus  and project inputs (CPS, WD, E BoM…)

To integrate the linked métier requirements: Advanced Industrialization, Harness designer, EMC, and Maintainability

To manage his activities by using a retro planning of his projects

To create the 3D model (routing) of each harness by co-working with mechanical designer, manufacturing engineering, S&A designer and to design 3D model of the metallic supports/parts related electrical installation.

To be responsible of the detailed electrical harness design deliverables: BoM kit, formboards, BoM in ERP & DMA, wiring list, Plug Maps, instructions sheets, jig & tools lists

To manage the deliverables in order to launch the prototype on time and the good storage after the official release (DMA, GSI, TED, SEE ONE etc.…)

To organize and to pilot the harness design deliverables reviews, the Electrical Process review (detailed phase) and to participate to the Electrical Process DR managed by S&A designer

To Ensure the deliverables updates in case of modification (harnesses suppliers, intern or TT manufacturing…)

To answer to the FQR and to solve the identified issues and to manage the gaps in order to realize the retrofitting the harnesses.

To Ensure the terminal ends and the cabling expertise of the product/project

To innovate, to anticipate and to contribute to the improvement axles for electrical harness design with the skill leader:

–  Standard métier update

–  Informatic tools optimization

–  Electrical domain improvement (CATIA Electrical, CATIA Sheet metal, FAO, SEE ONE …)


Knowledge & Experience :

  • Master Degree in Electrotechnical, Electromechanical, Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering or similar
  • Professional experience as Engineer with Electrotechnical or Electromechanical skills  [beginner / junior ; =< 3 years]
  • Uses of DMA/Catia Electrical, Catia sheet metal; Cabling / Wiring list software
  • Knowledge on SEE ONE, GLC, ELSA and/or ERP (type SAP/GSI) is a plus
  • Good knowledge of English language