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Settore funzionale

Amministrazione e finanza


Main Responsibilities:

  • Commercial reporting and analysis:
    • Progress of orders, revenues, receipts, ecommerce and variance analysis
    • Support in developing the ‘digital roadmap’: reporting through business intelligence
  • Support in managing sales orders:
  • Managing seasonal enabling and sale types
  • Customer service assistance in managing sale orders, costs and price lists calculations
  • Definition of Pricing e Costing objectives:
  • collecting data in order to define seasonal objectives; supervision of Pricing process, collaborating with other depts. (Merchandising and Operations);
  • collect, consolidation and entry of cost and sale data, and production of the planned seasonal Pricing outcome, in terms of scope and GPM%
  • variance analysis against previous seasons, and evaluation of possible improvement actions


  • Active and passive royalties analysis:
  • Licenses reports consolidation and calculation of min/adjustments of active royalties
  • Licenses Budget and Forecasting


  • Support in economic planning (budget and forecasts) at a sales and profitability level